My name is Brandi White, and I am a crafter, blogger, designer, mom, wife, and more. For years now, I’ve written an extremely inconsistent personal blog, designed digital scrapbooking files, and made soap and wax melts and other bath and body items in my kitchen. I finally came to realize that I needed a centralized home for all of this “stuff” and this site was born!

This is my company that sells the colorful, fun, and wonderfully fragranced soaps, wax melts, and other bath/body items I make. Currently, these items are available at my Etsy shop, but they will soon be available here, as well.

These are my digital scrapbooking designs, which are available at MyMemories, though I keep my blog about them here.

This is my personal blog where I ramble about senseless things and write really incoherent book reviews.  A lot of people would probably say I shouldn’t combine my personal blog with my shop, but… I like to know the handmade makers I buy from, so I think there’s a benefit to adding my weird thoughts here! 🙂

Oh, and HEY!  I’m also a Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant, offering adorable and fashionable $5 jewelry and accessories.

So, grab something to drink, grab your credit card (bahahaha) and get comfy!